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ST Math's Impact & Accountability

Rates of math proficiency at all sizable new school cohorts using ST Math® are compared each year to the outcomes at similar control schools not using the program.
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ST Math Accountability Standards


  • Assessments. Cover 4 or more different assessment instruments (e.g. state assessments)
  • Size. Are based on sample sizes greater than 500 students and/or 5 schools
  • Repeatability. Include 6 or more studies
  • Applicability. Include findings that are disaggregated by subgroups
  • Variety. Cover a wide range of school types
  • Grades. Cover grade levels contemplated for use
  • Control. Rigourously match non-treatment control groups
  • Independence. Include studies independently reported by a third party
Laptop showing sample of ST Math Visual Online Math Learning program
Third Party Validated icon for ST Math Visual Online Math Learning program

ST Math is held to the highest standards of accountability in regards to at-scale effectiveness. The US government’s What Works Clearinghouse designates that an effect size of 0.25 standard deviations or greater for instructional software is considered to be “substantively important”. ST Math has demonstrated an average effect at grade level of almost double that size.

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Results at Scale
Schools using ST Math increased in statewide standardized test percentile rankings by over 7 points when compared to similar schools that didn’t use ST Math.


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Lynchburg City Schools logo for ST Math Visual Online Math Learning program testimonial
"While our students love JiJi the penguin, we knew they were learning math concepts and building important problem solving skills in the process. Now we see the proof with significantly improved test scores."
Scott Brabrand, Superintendent
Lynchburg City Schools, VA
LAUSD logo for ST Math Visual Online Math Learning program testimonial
"I teach kindergarten and I have been using the ST Math with my students for a few years now. I have seen a tremendous improvement. At the end of the year my students' math scores are very high. They are very competitive and have a genuine intrinsic motivation to learn but at the same time are willing to cooperate to teach others! I am very proud to say that ST Math is an enjoyable program that really helps students learn to love math!"
Osiris Carcamo, Teacher, Napa Street Elementary School
Los Angeles Unified School District, CA
Pickerington Schools logo for ST Math Visual Online Math Learning program testimonial
"JiJi has brought excitement, engagement and real learning back to our math classes. I love that students are actually understanding math, not just spitting it back on a test."
Brian Seymour, Director of Instructional Technology
Pickerington Local School District, OH
Lawrence Public Schools logo for ST Math Visual Online Math Learning program testimonial
"We have seen a higher level of confidence in math since starting with ST Math. We see less of the 'I don't like math' or 'I'm scared of math' mindset."
Cheryl Menz, Principal, Bruce Elementary School
Lawrence Public School District, MA

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