ST Math Methodology & Impact

A New Paradigm for EdTech Evaluation

In the current edtech landscape, we rarely look beyond the one “gold standard” study for proof that a program is effective -- even if it’s many years old and only covers a single assessment. Here at MIND, we encourage everyone to raise their sights and look for a large number of studies, using recent program versions, garnering repeatable results on multiple state assessments, and over many varied districts. We believe a high volume of effectiveness studies is the future of a healthy market for product information in education.


Program Evaluation Rubric


Compared to lengthy, expensive RCTs (randomized controlled trials), organic quasi-experiments can study the adoption of a program as is, without the length and complexity of experiment planning. Methods of matching and comparing similar schools with and without the program can be made statistically rigorous and powerful. And if we study at the grade-level, we have the average state test performance data universally available. This is how we perform multiple annual, transparent evaluations of results of all ST Math school cohorts.

States Studied Per Year

since 2011

120 studies across 27 states since 2011.

*Some states had multiple studies within a calendar year

The Importance of Effect Size

Independent education research firm WestEd recently conducted a study of 3rd to 5th grades in more than 450 schools and 16 states. In the 14 states with schools that consistently implemented ST Math, the average effect size for math proficiency was .36, well above what is considered “substantively important" by the federal What Works Clearinghouse.

See WestEd Results

Data and Evaluation Support

Andrew Coulson
Chief Data Science Officer, MIND
Getting reliable educational outcome metrics from your ST Math program requires data about usage inputs, program outputs and outcomes, and state test score outcomes. All this information and insight is crucial when you’re looking to measure long-lasting impact.

That’s why MIND Research Institute’s Data and Evaluation team is dedicated to helping you uncover granular usage data while creating innovative visualizations and actionable reports to supercharge your evaluations.
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