ST Math Meets Every Research Standard with Proven Efficacy



ST Math demonstrates the highest rating of “Strong”
as outlined by ESSA evidence.


ST Math stands behind its unique product research roots and robust results at every ESSA tier.

ESSA defines four tiers of evidence:

Tier 1:

Supported by one or more experimental studiesSee The Report

Tier 2:
Supported by one or more quasi-experimental studies.
Tier 3:
Supported by one or more correlational studies.

Tier 4:

Practices that have a logic model, are supported by research, and have some effort of study underway.



Tier 1: STRONG Criteria
as Defined by ESSA

How ST Math Meets the Strong Criteria
  • Demonstrates a statistically significant effect on improving student outcomes or other relevant outcomes
  • Based on strong evidence from at least one well-designed and well-implemented experimental study
  • Experimental study* using a randomized controlled trial (RCT) examined the effectiveness of ST Math at the district level and statewide level.
  • Sample size was large including 150,000 students between 2013 and 2016 with diversity in race, gender, and socioeconomic status.
  • Results found a statistically significant effect size.
  • Schools that consistently used ST Math outgrew similar schools in statewide rank by 14 percentage points.

*Wendt, S., Rice, J., Nakamoto, J. (2019). A Cross-State Evaluation of MIND Research Institute’s ST Math Program and Math Performance. WestEd, 2019.


Growth in Statewide Ranking of Math Scores


Schools that consistently used ST Math outgrew similar schools in statewide rank by 14 percentile points.

WestEd Graph


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Setting a Higher Standard in Program Effectiveness Studies

Students, Usage, and Assessments in districts just like yours


MIND Research Institute has standardized a third party validated quasi-experimental (QE) nationwide methodology. We apply it every year on our new school cohorts nationwide on all state assessments. In this way we validate ST Math's repeated effect on all types of districts and student demographics, on any type of math assessment, each year repeatedly. 

MIND also provides current-year evaluations for any district at student-level on any assessment.


graphic-quotes   Through Quasi-Experimental Research,
we can perform a much higher number of
repeated, consistent studies.

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Scalable Impact on Math Learning


ST Math is a unique, non-conventional program that adds math learning robustly in all different districts, in any district setting, in the full spectrum of implementations, and most importantly for all different subgroups equitably, adding value on the full range of math standards for each student, and all assessments.

Our approach is via maximal math outcomes studies: evaluate everyone, everywhere, every year. Show your results.

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See for yourself why students and educators across the country are taking a radically different approach to math.
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