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At MIND Research Institute, our mission is to ensure that all students are mathematically equipped to solve the world’s most challenging problems.

Our PreK-8 program, ST Math, can make a positive impact for students as we work toward learning loss recovery.

Families can still get access to ST Math at no cost through June 30, 2023.

Learning Recovery with ST Math
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Addressing Learning Recovery

Whether you call it learning loss, learning recovery, or unfinished learning, research on COVID-related school closures suggests that students could be a half, to a full year behind academically when the new school year begins.

Classrooms and online learning environments will continue to evolve to meet this need, and with significant funding from the federal government in the form of ESSER and other funds under the CARES, CRRSA, and American Rescue Plan Acts, resources abound for district and school leaders. 

But how can educators make the most positive impact for students as we work toward learning recovery? 


Recovery is about Learning, not Practice

State test performance or universal screeners may indicate that students are below grade level. The tempting "easy button" solution may be to place students on below-grade-level content. 

But what about students who spend months on below-grade-level content? Will they somehow eventually catch up? 

Does their lower math content knowledge mean that on-grade-level content is too hard for them, or that they can't persist and persevere through challenges? 

Because many math programs deliver content in the form of drills or practice, the problem continues... students are now behind grade level and still don't have a conceptual understanding of math.

Memorizing math content as a checklist or set of skills is not how the brain actually learns. Our research shows there's a better way!

The Tyranny of Low Expectations

According to TNTP research presented in their report, the Opportunity Myth, students face long-term harm from low expectations and below-grade-level content. The problem is even worse among students of color, those from low-income backgrounds, students with disabilities, and English learners.

Overall, TNTP found that students make greater learning gains when their teachers hold high expectations about their ability to meet grade-level standards. 

When students who started the year behind had greater access to grade-appropriate assignments, they closed the outcomes gap with their peers by more than seven months.

Turn Learning Loss into Learning Recovery with ST Math-3-01

It’s challenging for all of us. ST Math can help.

Why Choose ST Math?

ST Math is an excellent tool for schools and districts looking to supercharge their math instruction, and is an ideal fit under the requirements for ESSER funds.

To make the most of every school day, students must be excited and engaged. ST Math meets learners where they are - especially critical when students are at different levels. For learning recovery with ST Math, students need just two things: to be kept on grade level and to be given time.

Our Learning Recovery Brochure outlines why ST Math is effective, as well as best practices and tips. 

New Features for Learning Recovery:

For the 2021-2022 school year, exciting enhancements help teachers and students regain ground—in any classroom or distance learning model. Updates include:

  • New games for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade
  • Embedded facilitation support
  • At-a-glance reporting for the whole class
  • Improved curriculum management and more!

An Extra Boost:

We always recommend that teachers start students with on-grade-level content, but should students need to deepen conceptual understanding of earlier concepts, here is a suggested list of objectives for teachers to assign at their discretion.

ST Math Resources:

As part of MIND's mission to mathematically equip all students, we have created free resources to support schools and families:

ST Math Support:


Access to ST Math

MIND Research Institute is currently offering no-cost access to
ST Math for families. Access our award-winning program for your use at home - FREE through June 30, 2023. The offer is available for grades PreK through 8, and at the end of that period, you can choose whether or not you’d like to purchase a subscription to ST Math. We will not collect your payment information or autobill you.

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PLEASE NOTE: If your student already has ST Math through their school, they should log in to their current account instead of creating a homeschool account.

Schools and Districts

For schools and districts affected by COVID-19 closures we were able to offer free access to the award-winning ST Math program through June 30, 2020. This enrollment period is closed, but schools can purchase the full program. Make ST Math a part of your learning recovery plan:

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"ST Math has met our needs better than anything else out there. The combination of highly engaging and, for lack of a better word, fun content and research-based conceptual math instruction, I believe, is a major reason why we didn't experience as much "learning loss" as we originally anticipated we would. Students were excited to complete lessons and help JiJi cross the screen...even at home! We look forward to continuing to supplement our math instruction, even when we return to full in-person learning, with ST Math."
Scott Borba, Superintendent
Le Grand Union Elementary School District, CA
"ST Math has been a wonderful, flexible tool for our teachers to provide individualized support as well as small-group targeted instruction. With ST Math, I know we can help students with where they are on their learning path without a panic. We can continue to engage them in grade-level learning through high quality content that will build their confidence, thinking skills, and conceptual understanding."
Math Director, CO