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ST Math® Reports

Gather insightful data on student performance for effective math instruction


About ST Math Reports

ST Math reports provide just-in-time data for both educators and administrators. This data can be used strategically to monitor the implementation of ST Math, identify standards of strength and challenge, engage staff in data conversations and monitor intervention strategies.

Variety of Available Reports
  • District/School Level Reports
  • Class Progress Report
  • Alerts Report (PK-6, MSS, and HSI)
  • Student Detail Report
  • Usage Report (PK-6, MSS, and HSI)
  • Standards Report (PK-6, MSS, and HSI)
  • RTI Report (MSS and HSI)

Take a Deeper Dive Into Reports

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Download Our Teacher Reports Guide

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Personalized Learning in the Classroom

Examples and insights from education leaders who’ve implemented personalized learning with successful student learning outcomes.

"The reports are valuable because not only does it show us usage for the children, it shows us how far they progressed in the standards or the curriculum. It also helps us to immediately indicate for students, do they struggle, are they stuck at a particular level. The reports pretty much pick up any deficit or problem that a child might have and helps us to figure out how we are going to overcome that roadblock." Ellen Farnham, District Data Specialist, Marlboro Township School District, NJ

Marlboro Township uses reports to personalize learning »

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