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See the Math and Grow

ST Math is a visual instructional program for PreK-8 students that builds a deep conceptual understanding of math through rigorous learning and creative problem solving.


ST Math Impact in Virginia



11 districts



59 schools



12,660 students





Divisions Using ST Math

Albemarle County SD
Arlington PS
Clarke County PS 
Flint Hill School
Goochland County SD
Isle of Wight SD
Lynchburg City SD
Mecklenburg County SD
Portsmouth PSD
Roanoke City SD 
Salem City SD



Check out the ST Math impact at schools and districts across the country.


"The visual representation of mathematical processes forces students to think deeply … students work harder, much harder, at solving the problems with ST Math than they would with paper-pencil."
Lisa Molinaro, Principal, Woodbrook Elementary
"I just used ST math with a 1st grader, brand new to our country.  While we could not communicate at all, she learned her password and showed me she has tons of math knowledge through JiJi that I would have never known otherwise."
Shelly Pine, Director of Math, Clarke County Public Schools

Want to Play? 
Explore a selection of ST Math games and experience the unique and transformative power of learning math without words. 


The Power of ST Math

Deep Conceptual Understanding

ST Math teaches foundational concepts visually by connecting ideas to symbols and later, language. This approach allows students to build conceptual understanding without encountering language barrier.

Impact at Scale

ST Math schools are a proof of concept that shows the impact an effective program can have for students of every level. ST Math leads the industry in providing educators results with authenticity, transparency and clarity.

Personalized Learning

Over 200 visual games create a unique pathway of interconnected content to provide differentiated instruction regardless of student skill level in math or language.

Creative and Rigorous Problem Solving

ST Math standards-aligned learning program moves away from digitized math drills and challenges kids to explore non-routine problems and build number sense instead of memorizing disconnected facts.

Student Engagement

The experience of conquering tricky puzzles intrinsically motivates students to tackle the next challenge with energy and enthusiasm.

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