New ST Math Features for Back to School

Coming for the 2022-2023 school year

JiJi’s backpack is full of new features that students, teachers, and administrators are going to love!


We know learning recovery is important to you

These new features are designed to support the deep understanding that makes ST Math so powerful, and keep students learning on grade level. 

  • Students will explore multiple brand new games and a streamlined curriculum.

  • Teachers will enjoy expanded content coverage and even more facilitation supports.

  • Administrators will love tighter curriculum alignment.

Read on below for more details!

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New ST Math Curriculum
Streamlined Journey and New Games


We expanded standards coverage



Our data scientists analyzed all ST Math games for efficacy



We streamlined the student Journey to focus on games with greatest learning gains



All students experience the most powerful spatial-temporal math games for their grade:

 JiJi-side-01-1 Streamlined curriculum based on data-driven improvements

JiJi-side-01-1 Updated default sequence prioritizing major content

JiJi-side-01-1 Expanded bonus and optional Journey content for early finishers



New games for more math learning

  • Fair Sharing Fraction Division
  • Scalar Multiplication
  • Distributive Property
  • Common Denominators and Equivalent Fractions
  • Measurement Arithmetic
  • Adding and Subtracting with Unlike Denominators
  • Measurement with Weights
  • Drawing Points, Lines, and Angles
  • Early Measurement Concepts
  • Multiplying by 10s
  • Solving True and False Equations
  • Measurement Problems

         … and more

New ST Math Games Include

Educator Enhancements
Facilitation, Rostering, Assessments

Expanded library of curriculum and facilitation supports, including:

  • Embedded facilitation tips
    and how-
    tos for select games
  • Game-in-a-minute videos for select games
  • Links to additional game resources

Additional enhancements for educators:

  • Easy-rostering with new student account rostering tools
  • External assessment integration for Middle School
    • NWEA MAP; i-Ready diagnostic
  • District administrators can manage Journey order
  • Student-level progress saved after each puzzle attempt
  • Local time zones shown in educator console

Professional Learning
Coaching Support, Targeted 30-Minute Sessions

Multiple learning models are available to meet your schedule requirements and goals. New for the upcoming school year:

  • Using Tools with ST Math - A 90-minute session on why, how, and when to use math tools when implementing ST Math.
  • Champions – Helping you implement and train at your sites with enhanced coaching support.
  • Thought Bursts - 30-minute targeted content that provide just-in-time support on:
    • Helping stuck students
    • Using and understanding data
    • Going deeper with the Problem Solving Process.
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