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Accelerate Academic Growth with Diverse Populations

DESE-approved and partially funded Mathematics Digital Supplement Program FY24 for students in grades 4th and 8th.

DESE will fund up to 50% of the cost of 4th and 8th grade licenses for the district to purchase the ST Math program, train staff, and implement the program for the 2023-24 School Year. All Massachusetts Public Districts/Schools/Charters may apply. This could be a new adoption of ST Math or a continuation.

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Targeted and Effective High-Impact Tutoring

Support for students in 4th and 8th grades will ensure long-term academic success.

🏅DESE-approved ST Math Tutoring powered by VIPTeacher with live, certified teachers accelerates academic growth by encouraging students to learn by doing. Students will learn to persevere and progress not only in math proficiency on standardized tests, but in the ability to apply mathematical concepts to real-world challenges.

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ST Math Impact in Massachusetts

ST Math is a visual instructional program that leverages the brain’s inate spatial-temporal reasoning approach to solve mathematical problems. DESE funding allowed 195,000 students to experience ST Math and gains were made. 

In a comparison of MCAS results from their baseline school year (before using ST Math) to 2021/22, ST Math schools outgrew their counterparts in statewide math performance rank by 10.68 percentile points.





Problem Solving Process Mathematical Discourse

Neuroscience Approach Works

There is a science to learning. Just as learning to read has shifted to a phonics-first approach and learning science has shifted to hands-on experiments, there is opportunity to drive learning mathematics with science. Applying neuroscience research about how our brains learn, combined with innovations in technology and pedagogy, is highly effective.

With ST Math, students are engaged in understanding math concepts through productive struggle and visual problem solving. They are intrinsically motivated to continue learning for the sake of learning and persevere to help JiJi the ST Math penguin cross the screen in each puzzle.

ST Math is making a positive impact as we work to accelerate learning, address equity, and approach accessibility for all subgroups of students.

Ensure Greater Learning Outcomes with Implementation Support and Professional Learning

We empower teachers to build a greater understanding of how students learn, develop their math content knowledge, employ strategies that impact student learning, and effectively use ST Math through online and in-person training and support.

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Empowering Problem Solvers in Massachusetts

Union Hill School, Worcester, MA

Faculty and students at Union Hill School in Worcester, MA talk about the impact ST Math has had in creating a culture of perseverance and problem solving. 




With funding support from the One8 Foundation, the ST Math Massachusetts Program is offering competitive grants for K-6 schools. Select schools are chosen through a two-part application process to receive the following for the three year grant term:

  • A full site license for ST Math: K-6
  • Professional learning sessions for participating teachers
  • Leadership professional learning sessions to build long-term sustainability
  • Personalized support from dedicated ST Math MA team members
  • Cohort events and online engagement to support best practice sharing and networking

We are no longer accepting applications for the 24-25 school year. Please check back in Fall 2024 to apply for the 25-26 school year.

Questions about the ST Math Massachusetts Program or grant application?

Contact MA Grants Team 

ST Math Testimonial | Phineas Bates Elementary


Phineas Bates Elementary, Boston, MA

Kris Hughes of Phineas Bates Elementary School in Boston, Massachusetts, describes her experience with using ST Math.

ST Math Testimonial | Washington Elementary


Washington Elementary, Lowell, MA

Kerien Driscoll of Washington Elementary in Lowell, Massachusetts, describes her experience with using ST Math.

ST Math Testimonial | Elmwood Street School


Elmwood Street School, Millbury, MA

Chris Mainhart of Elmwood Street School in Millbury, Massachusetts, describes his experience with using ST Math.

ST Math MA Program Grant
Info Session

Join us to learn all about the ST Math MA Program and how it supports leaders to drive student learning outcomes. This 60 minute session will provide more background on ST Math as well as information about both the application process and how to become a strong candidate for the grant.

We have no remaining MA Program grant info sessions this year. Please reach out to Program Director, Sarah Peteraf at speteraf@mindeducation.org if you would like to schedule time to discuss the program.

Empowering Problem Solvers in Massachusetts

Faculty and students at Union Hill School in Worcester, MA talk about the impact ST Math has had in creating a culture of perseverance and problem solving.

What is ST Math?

ST Math is a PreK-8 visual instructional program that leverages the brain's innate spatial-temporal reasoning ability to solve mathematical problems. With ST Math, students build deep conceptual understanding, and schools see proven, repeatable results. 


Early Learning
Deep Conceptual Understanding

ST Math teaches foundational concepts visually by connecting ideas to symbols and later, language. This approach allows students to build conceptual understanding without encountering language barrier.

Early Learning
Impact at Scale

ST Math schools are a proof of concept that shows the impact an effective program can have for students of every level. ST Math leads the industry in providing educators results with authenticity, transparency and clarity.

Early Learning
Personalized Learning

Over 200 visual games create a unique pathway of interconnected content to provide differentiated instruction regardless of student skill level in math or language.

Early Learning
Creative & Rigorous Problem Solving

ST Math standards-aligned learning program moves away from digitized math drills and challenges kids to explore non-routine problems and build number sense instead of memorizing disconnected facts.

Early Learning
Student Engagement

The very experience of solving tantalizingly tricky puzzles is intrinsically motivating. In doing so, students develop a conditioned response that drives them to tackle the next challenge with energy and enthusiasm. 



The Power of ST Math
ST Math® is a visual instructional program that builds a deep conceptual understanding of math through rigorous learning and creative problem solving to engage, motivate and challenge K-6 students toward higher achievement.


"As educators, most of all, we want students to understand what it means to multiply and divide fractions and how to use them in real life and ST Math does just that - it gives them conceptual knowledge that will be critical with the new Common Core math that students are being asked to do."
Chris Tsang, Assistant Principal
Woodland Elementary School, Milford, MA
"I have been so impressed and happy with what I have seen from ST Math so far. The first thing that stood out to me was how challenging it can be, yet the students stick with it. It's definitely not just a game. The demands the program puts on students to think critically and solve problems is impressive and I can already tell that it is having a positive impact, especially in developing the student's conceptual understanding of the concepts at their grade. "
Derek Thompson, Principal
Henry B Burkland Elementary School, Middleboro, MA
"I was amazed when I walked into a first grade classroom last week and the students were highly engaged and working independently on a specific cone. The students were excited to share with me the skill that they were working on and their progress that they have made."
Lauren Morin, Lead Teacher
Sargent Elementary School, North Andover, MA



ST Math in Action at Alexander Bruce School

Check out how ST Math made learning accessible to ELs and helped students reach higher achievement at this Massachusetts school

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