Six-Step Guide to Design Your Own ST Math Usage Challenge

We know that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to your school’s unique goals and student needs. That’s why we’ve put together this six-step guide with resources to get you started!

Before you get started, define your goal and your theme!

Need some inspiration? See what other schools have done!

Past Challenges   Theme Ideas

6 Steps to get you started!

Step 1

Who will compete?

Will your challenge be for one class, specific grade levels, or the entire school? Consider what will build the most momentum around the love and doing of mathematics!



Step 2

How long will it run?

We recommend running challenges for two to four weeks to maintain engagement and excitement while still being an easy lift for challenge organizers.  Start each challenge on a Monday, and plan for weekly updates to keep momentum going. 




Step 3

What are your metrics of success?

No matter the time of year, you want every student to be included in each challenge. Some favorite metrics to set challenge goals around are listed in the link below, but set whichever stretch goals will motivate your community.

Usage Challenge Metrics
Note: Reports are set up for a Sunday-Sunday schedule


usage toolkit graphics

Want to celebrate something different?  Go for it!  We’ve seen partners challenge their community around logins, perseverance, puzzle talks, and so much more. 


Step 4

How will you get the word out?

First, you’ll need to inform teachers and families so that they can encourage students to participate! Use this editable flyer to share your challenge guidelines with educators and families!

Customizable Flyer   

Let your school and community know about your challenge and how it's going! Here are a few resources to help you decorate bulletin boards and design social media posts for your challenge.

 Branding Kit

Hashtags/Social Media Guidelines: 

“However your district, school, or classroom decides to celebrate, make sure you post on social media! Just make sure you’re following us on Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram, tag @STMath, and use the hashtag #STMathCelebration so we can celebrate your students and all the effort they’ve been putting into their ST Math journey!” #JiJiCelebration

Step 5

How will you motivate your students to track their progress?

With our customizable printable trackers and brag tags, you can encourage your students to build on their ST Math successes. This is an ideal resource for displaying on bulletin boards in class or on the refrigerator at home.

Step 6

How will you recognize your winners and reward student successes?

Print Customized Certificates

The templates are editable, so you can award grand prize winners, recognize top classes or grade levels, or even recognize an entire school.