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ST Math : Elementary

Design rich, blended learning experiences for any K-6 environment.

Student holding laptop with sample ST Math screen for ST Math Elementary Math Program
Aligned to state standards icon for ST Math Elementary Math Program
Aligned to State Standards
Enhances core curricula icon for ST Math Elementary Math Program
Enhances Core Curricula
Embedded assessments icon for ST Math Elementary Math Program
Embedded Assessments
Detailed teacher reports and tracking for ST Math Elementary Math Program
Detailed Teacher Reports and Tracking
Visual and conceptual instruction icon for ST Math Elementary Math Program
Visual and Conceptual Instruction
"ST Math has met our needs better than anything else out there. The combination of highly engaging and, for lack of a better word, fun content and research-based conceptual math instruction, I believe, is a major reason why we didn't experience as much "learning loss" as we originally anticipated we would. Students were excited to complete lessons and help JiJi cross the screen...even at home! We look forward to continuing to supplement our math instruction, even when we return to full in-person learning, with ST Math."
Scott Borba, Superintendent
Le Grand Union Elementary School District, CA
Carson Elementary Chicago logo for ST Math Elementary Math Program testimonial
"As a program, ST Math puts students in a situation that expects them to think immediately. Students are required to build deep math understanding by building concepts and making analytical estimates. The program gives students a chance to turn their mistakes into opportunities for reflection. Additionally, our bilingual students remain highly engaged by this differentiated approach."
Javier Arriola-Lopez, Principal
Carson Elementary, Chicago

Who is JiJi?

JiJi is a 3-foot-tall penguin on a journey through the world of ST Math. Students help JiJi overcome obstacles by solving math puzzles – and they associate JiJi with the thrill of challenge and success. JiJi crosses the screen every time a student successfully completes a puzzle, leading them to the next challenge. JiJi is curious, persistent, patient, and friendly. 

JiJi’s name means “little chicken” in Mandarin. Learn more about JiJi.

Students love JiJi
"I would like to thank JiJi for making my math journey fun and exciting."
Mieckol, Student
"JiJi helps me on things I had trouble with in the classroom."
Liz, Student
"JiJi means a lot to me. ST Math is the greatest website I’ve ever seen."
Larenz, Student

Standards Alignment

ST Math games include more than 35,000 puzzles with interactive representations of math topics that align to all state standards, with learning objectives that target key grade-level concepts and skills.

ST Math is a flexible instructional tool that can fit easily into many different curriculum implementations. In a computer lab, during designated classroom time, station-rotation, or at home - as long as students are using ST Math for 60-90 minutes per week, you will see gains in their math achievement.

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Curriculum Enhancement

ST Math’s web-based curriculum fits perfectly into any K-6 environment.
  • Graphic representation of whole class and student rotation implementation for curricula enhancement for ST Math K-6 Math Games


    Schools can design rich, blended learning experiences that leverage the individualized visual software in a variety of ways.

  • Content mapping graphic representation of ST Math K-6 Math Games

    Content Mapping

    Objectives can easily be aligned to match classroom pacing and to differentiate what students play at home and at school.

  • Digital Manipulatives graphic representation of ST Math K-6 Math Games

    Digital Manipulatives

    Teachers have access to all of the visual models within ST Math to supplement classroom lessons for preview or review of math standards.

Embedded Assessments

Each objective in grades 2 through 6 contains pre- and post-quizzes available in English and Spanish. Ideal for:
  • Progress Monitoring graphic representation of ST Math K-6 Math Games

    Progress Monitoring

  • Standardized Test Preparation graphic representation of ST Math K-6 Math Games

    Standardized Test Preparation

  • Results Tracking graphic representation of ST Math K-6 Math Games

    Results Tracking 



Powerful reports facilitate impactful decisions based on standards coverage, productivity and usage.

For teachers, ST Math progress reports and student detail information show clear, actionable data that provides insights into productivity, usage, and areas of struggle - effectively informing instruction.

For administrators, it’s reporting at scale that helps optimize usage and track tangible results.

Learn more in our blog post: New Reporting Metrics in ST Math.

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Visual and Conceptual Instruction

Graphically rich, interactive virtual manipulatives help students develop a conceptual understanding of abstract concepts.
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