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Instructional Resources

As part of MIND's mission to mathematically equip all students, we have created free instructional resources to support schools and families. Here you’ll find workbooks, supplemental materials, MathMINDs conversations, and resources to deepen learning and inspire mathematical thinking.

Teacher & Family Guidebooks

ST Math guidebooks are free for teachers and families to support your students' math learning in the classroom and at home. Inside is a collection of hands-on activities, games, and math stories to practice and explore math concepts. 

Developing Our MathMINDs

Developing Our MathMINDs is a series of conversations and resources that explore math outside of the classroom. This series is intended to be a journey of growth with families over several weeks.


Help Your Student

It's normal for your student to feel some frustration when learning gets harder—we call that productive struggle, or learning from mistakes. When students reach a challenging problem, they may ask for your help.

Watch this video to see how you can ask questions that will help guide your child's critical thinking and problem-solving.

Think Before You Click

Are your students click-happy when it comes to technology? Help students stop and think before they click on the puzzles in ST Math, and build good habits for online test-taking.

The Think Before You Click (TBYC) process guides students to develop persistence and increase their independent problem-solving skills. Download the PDF poster and hang it where students are learning.

Join the ST Math Community!

Connect with each other in our ST Math communities. Select the group best for you below (educator or families learning at home) and let's grow together.

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More Resources