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New ST Math Features for Back to School

Coming for the 2021-2022 school year

JiJi’s backpack is full of new features that students, teachers, and administrators are going to love!


We Know Learning Recovery is Important to You

These new features are designed to support the deep understanding that makes ST Math so powerful, and keep students learning on grade level. 

  • Students will explore multiple brand new games, and will be excited to have the ability to replay previous content (plus unlimited attempts at the teacher’s discretion).

  • Teachers will enjoy embedded facilitation support, at-a-glance reporting for the whole class, and improved curriculum management.

  • Administrators will love the new console, with more robust reporting that shows customizable data points by student, class, and school.

Read on below for more details!

You can also see monthly updates on new features at stmath.com/updates

Improved Console

See the most important metrics for your whole class – all at a single glance.



Navigation is more intuitive and embedded help serves up immediate tips for success.



Facilitating Students

For teachers, new and improved facilitation supports will help guide and deepen instruction

  • Embedded facilitation tips and how-tos
  • Game-in-a-minute videos
  • Easy links to additional game resources


  • New games across 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade
  • Enhanced sequencing
  • Improved leveling
  • Enhanced alignment to standards
  • Improved objective names and descriptions
  • Quiz updates
  • New Summative Diagnostic for Middle School

Curriculum Management

Teachers can re-assign content

  • Replay – Students replay objectives on the journey
  • Reassign – Teacher re-assigns objectives as assignments
  • Replay and re-assigned objectives will collect puzzles
  • Elective replays will not collect puzzles (i.e., student chooses to replay levels)

Enhancements to the ST Math Journey

  • Easy class-level management of Journey
  • Ability to see which students have completed Journey
  • End of Journey animation for students
  • Teachers can restart Journey for students
Thank You for Your Partnership

Your feedback is important and makes ST Math even better for millions of students.