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Introducing Game-Changing Enhancements for the 2024-2025 School Year!

These user-friendly ST Math enhancements will elevate your classroom experience:

ST Math Optimization: More Learning, Less Time!

We've fine-tuned our program to boost learning efficiency, starting with grades 3-5. By focusing on the games with the highest learning impact, we’ve made the Journey’s “learning density” higher than ever. See your students make remarkable progress in the same amount of time, with less “unproductive struggle,” and significantly higher math learning outcomes!

Similar enhancement of Grade K-2 Journeys next year!

Introducing fresh, new exciting content for students:

34 New Games offering the ST Math hallmark experiences:

  • Low Floor, High-Ceiling learning that meets every student where they are
  • Real-time, Formative Feedback that drives game-based learning
  • Insightful, interactive virtual manipulatives to deepen understanding
  • Leveraging visual reasoning to develop strong problem solvers
  • Facilitating conceptual grasp and sense-making

Motivate students to tackle challenges, build perseverance, and boost their self-confidence as “math people.”

We can’t wait to see the amazing growth and achievements your students will make with these exciting updates. 

Your Kids Will Have FUN While Building Strong Conceptual Foundations!

We are committed to supporting teachers and getting their students excited about math!
These new game enhancements are a big leap forward!

The Student Journey:
A NEW Island Theme Experience!

Students will embark on an exciting learning journey like never before. We’ve completely redesigned the ST Math student experience to empower, engage, and inspire students to shine! 

Students can now dive into a thrilling island experience as their learning objectives come to life! They'll see their journey progress visually via a map, all while taking charge, seeing milestones, and exploring their way through a motivational pathway. With JiJi's enhanced visual design and the platform's improved compatibility, students can dive into the interactive world of ST Math games wherever they are.


Welcome to the Enhanced Educator Dashboard:
A Powerful Tool for Teachers

Discover the true potential of teaching and learning with our new and improved Teacher Dashboard! 

Achieve more with this user-friendly tool that helps you to effortlessly stay connected to student progress and meet their unique needs. With our streamlined reporting system, you can now access student data quickly, saving you valuable time and energy.

We've expanded performance metrics. Our advanced dashboard now opens doors to additional data points, with a comprehensive view of each student's performance. Armed with these insights, you can tailor instruction to meet unique challenges and drive  maximum potential!







I LOVE the new feature. I really like the fact that in addition to completing objectives, there’s data on overcoming hurdles. This has saved me so much time. I no longer spend hours on Sundays looking through each individual student's objective history.” — Elementary Teacher



Fostering Mathematical Discourse in the Classroom:
Explore Redesigned Puzzle Talks!

Introducing Completely Redesigned Puzzle Talks

In today's fast-paced world, we understand the value of time for both teachers and students. That's why we have completely transformed our ST Math Puzzle Talks.

Embrace a revolutionary approach to mathematical discourse and problem solving with ST Math Puzzle Talks. Utilize our interactive and visual puzzles and support students' understanding of numbers and foster engaging mathematical discussions. 

These newly redesigned Puzzle Talks make navigation and utilization effortless for educators and accessible to all users.

Puzzle Talks



Deepen Mathematical Understanding

Similar to number talks, or math talks, the goal is to get students to communicate and deepen their understanding of mathematics. 

Puzzle Talks can be used to...

  • Leverage the visual puzzles of ST Math
  • Used as an instructional routine to launch or review a topic
  • Offer intentional sequences of 3-6 puzzles
  • Cover all major topics and foci of the grade level
  • Engage students in academic discourse


Effortless Planning and Implementation for Teachers

Transform your classroom into a vibrant and engaging hub of mathematical discourse and problem-solving with new innovative Puzzle Talks to extend student problem-solving skills.

NEW coherent and focused approach to math discussions, featuring: 

  • a proprietary lesson platform
  • just-in-time teacher notes to keep your lessons on track
  • bonus puzzles for extending Puzzle Talks

Ready to engage your students in meaningful math discussions? 

Get Started today with ST Math's Puzzle Talks!

Empowering Teachers with Professional Development:

Introducing new Professional Learning Packages meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate ST Math into your core instruction!

  • Curriculum Integration Package offers a series of dynamic, collaborative sessions to empower curriculum writers, enabling them to seamlessly embed ST Math into your district's core curriculum.
  • Math Discourse with Puzzle Talks, educators can participate in a multi-session workshop and utilize a modeling package geared towards equipping and empowering educators to facilitate rich discourse using ST Math Puzzle Talks.

Newly updated workshops will empower educators to utilize ST Math as a powerful instructional tool: 

  • Facilitating Math Discourse with Puzzle Talks Workshop focuses on engaging students in meaningful mathematical discourse and problem-solving using our completely redesigned Puzzle Talks platform. 
  • Curriculum Integration & Targeting Standards Workshop allows educators to explore and experience the flexibility of ST Math within their core math program, while also building a deep understanding of how to target specific standards.


Extending ST Math 

Discover strategies and resources to extend thinking for all learners and support early finishers throughout the year. 

Ready to empower your teachers and transform teacher engagement?

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These user-friendly ST Math enhancements will elevate your classroom experience by igniting learning and driving student success. Attend our upcoming 30-minute webinars to learn more. Each webinar will be at 12pm PT/3pm ET.

Webinar Dates & Times:

Enhanced Puzzle Talks: Fostering Mathematical Discourse | July 17, 12pm PT/3pm ET | Register

Game Optimization: More Learning, Less Time! | July 24, 12pm PT/3pm ET | Register

Enhanced Puzzle Talks: Fostering Mathematical Discourse | July 31, 12pm PT/3pm ET | Register

Student Experience: A New Journey | August 7, 12pm PT/3pm ET | Register

Enhanced Puzzle Talks: Fostering Mathematical Discourse | August 14, 12pm PT/3pm ET | Register

Teacher Dashboard: A Powerful Tool for Educators | August 21, 12pm PT/3pm ET | Register




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