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New ST Math is Here!

Make More Learning Happen: while Distance Learning, in the Classroom, or at Home

The ST Math you know and love is all new for the 2020-2021 school year. The program is responsive, works on the latest browser technologies (no more Flash!), and runs seamlessly across devices.



February 2021: New Features for School and District Partners

Students can see their percent progress on the toolbar. 

Teachers have a brand new standards report, the ability to browse for content by standard, journey control settings, and the ability to assign multiple objectives.

Administrators have historical views of past reports, as well as the ability to see percent progress and learner velocity at the school and district level.

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You can also see monthly updates on new features at stmath.com/updates

Student Experience

For students, the new ST Math is a more powerful learning experience leading to an even deeper understanding of math.

  • Streamlined navigation takes students to content faster, so they spend less time in between screens and more time learning.
  • Enhanced feedback animations provide an even clearer representation of the math in each game.
  • New animation controls allow teachers and students to pause and scroll through feedback animations in order to deeply explore the math in each puzzle.
  • An annotation tool provides opportunities to showcase thinking and work through content.
  • Students will see their logins, minutes and puzzles by week. This improves accountability and intrinsic motivation to continue on their ST Math journey.

Teacher Experience

For teachers, the new ST Math is a new and improved set of tools to integrate the program with instruction and actively support students’ learning.

  • In the new objective hub, teachers have an easier way to discover ST Math curriculum, supporting strong facilitation and making it simple for teachers to play, teach, and assign from one place.
  • The new assignments feature provides teachers the option to assign any ST Math objective to students separate from their journey, providing flexibility to target specific student needs and align to instruction. Teachers can assign any objective from the entire ST Math curriculum to individual students or a whole class.

    Learn more about how assignments give teachers the power to differentiate instruction for their students in our blog post: Assignments with the New ST Math
  • Powerful reports facilitate impactful decisions based on content coverage, productivity and usage. Learn more in our blog post: New Reporting Metrics in ST Math
  • A simplified user experience cuts down on training time and makes it easy for teachers to get up and running so they can start teaching and facilitating student learning.
  • Teachers can see progress of minutes played and puzzles completed by this week and median week, providing insights into productivity. They can also view comprehensive student detail including entire ST Math history of objective progress and usage, and see simple, obvious alerts for struggling students.

Administrator Experience

For administrators, the new ST Math offers a simplified implementation process and powerful reporting to optimize usage and track tangible results.

  • Reporting at scale allows administrators to closely monitor their implementation from a single student to the entire district. Learn more in our blog post: New Reporting Metrics in ST Math
  • Making sure that ST Math fits easily within the edtech ecosystem allows for quick implementations with minimal customization, cutting down the time between purchase and student and teacher learning. Areas of focus include account provisioning, SSO, and access to comprehensive student data.

We started the redesign process by asking...


“How can we update the program in order to make it even more effective for students, teachers and administrators?”


“How can this redesign provide a foundation for us to continue increasing effectiveness and usability in the future?”

To answer these questions, we researched over 600 product feedback messages, more than 5,000 support cases, and over 17,500 survey responses from our educators. We spent more than 600 user experience hours in schools and classrooms across the country.

We Heard Your Feedback

Through all our research, we heard what our ST Math administrators, educators, and students had to say. With the new ST Math, you’ll experience:

  • No more Flash!
  • Sign out in one click
  • Automatic progress saving
  • Accessible in-game teacher toolsand no more triple clicking!
  • Hidden content grade levels for students
  • Ability to jump between individual puzzles within a level
  • Tracking historical data
  • Multiple curriculum grades within a single class
  • Integrated help and resource center
  • Add students quickly using invitation codes