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Based on applied neuroscience
research, ST Math makes learning…

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Standards Alignment

ST Math games provide rich, interactive representations of mathematical topics that align to all state standards. Learning objectives target key grade-level concepts and skills with mathematical reasoning and problem solving. Contact us to learn how ST Math’s rigorous and creative problem solving aligns with your state’s standards.

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Early learning icon explaining how ST math games work
Early Learning

ST Math Early Learning programs offer a comprehensive blended learning curriculum that combines the proven visual math software with step-by-step teacher-guided activities, resources and lessons.

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Elementary icon explaining how ST math games work for K-6 grade students

ST Math K-6 guides every student through a unique path of rigorous learning aligned to state standards. Graphically rich visual math puzzles can be used to enhance any core curriculum.

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Middle school icon explaining how ST math games work for middle school students
Middle School

ST Math Middle School Supplement helps students find success through highly adaptive intervention and grade-level focused conceptual instruction.

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Homeschool icon explaining how how ST math games work for homeschooled students

ST Math Homeschool challenges students of all skill levels and language backgrounds through visual math puzzles that inspire creative problem solving and a love of learning.

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See for yourself why students and educators across the country are taking a different approach to math.
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Technical Requirements

Teachers and students can access the web-based ST Math software anywhere, anytime, and on supported mobile devices. From desktop to tablet, classroom to home, ST Math allows for seamless transitions between hardware. Learn more about ST Math technology requirements.

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Salt Lake City School District logo
"Teachers have been able to see how math concepts can be modeled conceptually through ST Math games. There have been many occasions when I am collaborating with teachers about a math concept and we bring up specific ST Math games that show the math conceptually. We discuss how we can use them as a resource for both whole group and individual student instruction."
Bruce Simpson, Math Curriculum Coach
Salt Lake City School District, UT
Gulfport School District logo for testimonial on how ST math games work
"Math can be hard to teach, but ST Math's spatial learning provides a path for everyone to succeed."
Glen East, Superintendent
Gulfport School District, MS
Pcs Pinellas County Schools logo for testimonial on how ST math games work
"Because of ST Math, students have a more solid foundation of what math looks like conceptually. It's that powerful combination of engagement, sustainability and the fact that students are able to persevere — all the things we consider essential in our math students."
Laurel Rotter, K-5 Mathematics Specialist
Pinellas County Schools, FL
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