ST Math Immersion

In this 5-week program, immerse K-5 students in rich math experiences that cover concepts crucial for success.



Re-imagine Summer School 

A recent study was conducted and published in the American Educational Research Journal. The study found that the average student lost 17-34% of the prior year's learning gains during summer break, as well as that students who lose ground in one summer are more likely to also lose ground in subsequent summers.

We believe students are capable of making major strides in achieving mastery of multiple math topics in just five weeks' time. Our program ensures that each student has their own personalized journey and are capable of achieving mastery, after having demonstrated a strong conceptual foundation.

Turn learning loss into learning opportunities by providing students with rich experiences that support grade level learning.

ST Math Immersion


ST Math Immersion is a non-traditional program for K-5 that provides students with a rich mathematical environment. The curriculum is designed for learning recovery, addressing common areas students struggle in, and providing opportunities for building their content knowledge, reasoning skills, and growth mindset.



*MIND's team of experts can provide planning support to help meet other time structures. (4-6 weeks and/or 60-120 minutes)

What You'll Get:

icon-jiji-side-orgPre- and post-assessments

icon-jiji-side-orgRotation stations through ST Math's visual models and manipulatives

Number sense gamesicon-jiji-side-org

icon-jiji-side-orgSmall group instruction

icon-jiji-side-orgA project using engineering design principle

icon-jiji-side-orgWhole-group lessons

icon-jiji-side-orgAccess to our online professional learning resources and email and phone technical support

Content in grades K-2 is focused on operations and algebraic thinking. Content in grades 3-5 is focused on fractions.

Coupled with resources, lesson plans, and instruction framework, this one-of-a-kind blended learning solution facilitates a rich mathematical environment in which they build confidence as they learn concepts visually, and apply them to challenging problems. Developing confidence and problem solving skills ensures that each student is just as prepared for any new material in the coming fall as their peers.

ST Math Immersion Makes A Difference


Staying ON-Grade-Level

It is widely believed that students who spend time on below-grade-level content will catch up, but we have found that is not the case. They are capable of working through challenges with persistence and perseverance to develop a deep conceptual understanding of math.  

Summer school students, and educators alike, are doing everything they can to get back on track for the coming fall. We've found that students in fact, don't play "catch up" at all. By rushing the pace at which objectives are meant to be covered, the material never sticks before moving on to the next one.

6 Core Principles of Addressing Unfinished Learning



Learning Loss vs Unfinished Learning


  1. Stick to grade-level content and instructional rigor.

  2. Focus on the depth of instruction, rather than the pace.

  3. Prioritize content and learning.

  4. Maintain the inclusion of each and every learner.

  5. Identify and address gaps in learning through instruction, avoiding the misuse of standardized testing to place kids into high or low ability groups or provide low levels of instructional rigor to lower performing students.

  6. Capitalize on commonalities, not differences.

Fountain Valley School District
"We piloted ST Math Immersion for all of our elementary grades last summer, and it was the absolute best path we possibly could have chosen. At first, I was hesitant to select an edtech solution for in-person summer school because these kids were ‘technologied’ so much in the 2021 school year. But the program is so thoughtfully designed – there are so many hands-on instructional opportunities, and we saw double-digit growth from pre- to post-assessment."
Jerry Gargus, Ed.D., Director, Educational Services
Fountain Valley School District, CA
"ST Math Immersion is so innovative and effective in its approach for K-5 math. I love the showcase, the integrated approach for students of all language abilities, and the focus on acceleration, not solely remediation. This means our students are all in it together and learning from one another, which shifts their mindset from, ‘I have to go to summer school,’ to ‘I get to go to summer school'."
Math Director, CO
"When we started planning for summer school, our academic team was thrilled with ST Math Immersion. For each individual’s lens for their special population of students, the Immersion program met their needs. I really appreciate how well organized Immersion is, and how many resources are provided for educators. Implementing ST Math Immersion has really caused us to contemplate how our approach to summer school could impact our approach during the school year as well. I have no doubt this will ripple in many ways."
Math Director, CO
Fountain Valley School District
"Fountain Valley School District was able to pilot the ST Math Immersion program to support 2021 summer school. The training and support we received from the team at MIND Research proved to be exceptional, our teachers were very pleased with the instructional resources, and students enjoyed the engaging lessons that leveraged small group instruction, daily problem-solving activities, and independent work with JiJi. "
Jerry Gargus, Ed.D., Director of Educational Services, Fountain Valley School District
Fountain Valley School District, CA
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