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Third Party Validation

WestEd Evaluation
The WestEd Evaluation of ST Math looked at grade-level average California Standards Test (CST) Math scores at all 129 schools in California which used the ST Math program for the first time in 2010-11, comparing them to a matched set of California schools that did not use ST Math. The study found that the proportion of students who scored either Proficient or Advanced after fully implementing ST Math to be, on average, 6.38 percentage points higher than students in comparison grades--a 0.47 effect size.
WestEd Roadmap - ST Math
Repeatable Results

When students are given enough time to cover more than half of grade-level content, ST Math demonstrates a consistent, robust advantage of 0.4 standard deviations in the percentage of students meeting or exceeding proficiency standards over the first 1-3 years of use. This exceeds the federal What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) criteria of 0.25 for “substantively important” effect.

Program Evaluation

State-wide studies regularly compare rates of math proficiency between those school groups who use ST Math for the first time and those who don’t. Effect size is the standard measure of the magnitude of an effect. It represents the change, measured in standard deviation, in grade-average math achievement that can be expected when the grade group adopts ST Math. See 2015-16 Florida Math Outcomes Analysis to dive deeper into ST Math impact data.

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Data and Evaluation Support
Getting reliable educational outcome metrics from your ST Math program requires data about usage inputs, program outputs, and state test score outcomes. All this information and insight is crucial when you’re looking to measure long-lasting impact. That’s why MIND Research Institute’s Data and Evaluation team is dedicated to helping you uncover granular usage data while creating innovative visualizations and actionable reports to supercharge your evaluations.
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