1st Grade Math Games

Play select games from the ST Math first grade curriculum. Concepts include place value, addition, subtraction, number line, shapes, and more.


Tens and Ones with Spaceships

Count and represent numbers to 20 using place value.
  • Decompose numbers into groups of tens and ones by using visual models.
  • Levels begin with representing sets of spaceships ≤10 on a ten frame, then move to representing ≤20 spaceships by creating a set of 10 and 1’s.

Push Box Addition and Subtraction

Develop strategies for solving addition and subtraction problems.
  • Use problem solving strategies to find missing values in visual addition and subtraction situations where blocks are added or subtracted.
  • Determine if a situation requires addition or subtraction, or a combination of both.
  • Levels begin with finding sums or differences given a visual model, then move to determining which value (a missing addend or subtrahend) is needed.

Numbers on a Number Line

Estimate and plot numbers on number lines to 20.
  • Build the concept of numbers as equidistant points on a line by plotting and estimating numbers to 20.
  • Levels start by using number lines to 10 ticked and labeled with all the numbers, then progress to showing only benchmark numbers.
  • Apply concepts of numbers on a number line to estimate numbers to 20.

Composite Shapes

Create a composite shape by arranging the given shapes.
  • Compose a given 2-dimensional shape by using smaller shapes.
  • Levels begin by simple matching of shapes, then move to more complex problems that require close attention to specific attributes of given shapes.
  • Develop spatial strategies for reasoning about angles and sides to compose a larger shape.

Making Tens and Ones with Ten Frames

Decompose quantities less than 20 into tens and one using visual models and equations.
  • Represent numbers 11-19 as a set of 10 and 1’s using ten frame models
  • Solve missing addend equations.
  • Levels start with finding the missing addend for numbers less than 10 with ten frames, then progress to representing numbers 11-19 using equations in the form 10+ _ (ones).

Tug Boats Equal Groups

Create equal groups of tug boats using addition and subtraction strategies.
  • Develop addition and subtraction strategies for creating equal groups.
  • Levels begin with visual models, then progress to working with numbers to create equivalent sets.
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