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Professional Learning

We believe students are capable of doing powerful mathematics.

We empower teachers to build a greater understanding of how students learn, develop their math content knowledge, employ strategies that impact student learning, and effectively use ST Math through online and in-person training and support.

ST Math Professional Learning Models

Self-Guided Online Courses
Online Learning
Our upcoming ST Math Academy will house a robust selection of on-demand, just-in-time courses that your educators can complete independently and at their own pace.
Customized trainings
A dynamic trainer will guide your staff in a high-task collaborative workshop with hands-on, engaging, and relevant topics that will be immediately applied in the classroom. Includes in-person workshops and/or exclusive webinars.
National Webinars
National Webinars
Live interactive webinar workshops in a variety of topics.
Site Coaching
Individual, small group, and full staff coaching from an ST Math expert who will provide personalized attention and guidance to your educators. Includes customization to meet the needs of your educators and the learning models in your school or district.
Build the internal capacity, invest in your instructional leadership team with ST Math certification, and ensure the sustainability of ST Math in your school or district with a train-the-trainer model. Join us in reaching more educators with the potential of ST Math to transform teaching and learning.

Professional Learning Workshops

ST Math annual workshops are designed to prepare educators to effectively implement, integrate, and transform teaching and learning with ST Math. They begin by introducing educators to the ST Math software and the neuroscience behind it to build an understanding of why ST Math works, how schemas are constructed, and the focus of the teacher as a facilitator helps educators utilize the program as an instructional tool. Additional coaching and consulting services are also available to support program implementation.

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These advanced workshops help teachers get the most out of ST Math. They will learn to leverage data for instructional decision-making and develop effective instructional models that support the learning cycle.

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ST Math has the power to transform teaching and learning. Teachers at this level learn to leverage the visual models for instruction and develop engaging lessons that are rich in mathematical discourse. 

In the upcoming Neuroscience Series, teachers will dive deeper into the four neural subsystems of learning, the foundation of ST Math design, to learn to apply these principles to their classroom instruction.

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In addition to formal professional development offerings, the Education Success team of master teachers and ST Math experts offer site-based, job-embedded coaching for teachers and administrators.

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Meet Our Developers

Director of Professional Learning

Claire Asander Carter is a former junior high teacher, TOSA, and K-12 administrator. She is an Educational Specialist in the field of ...

Adult Online Learning Manager

Lynn Nordstrom, PhD, has been a curriculum developer at MIND for over five years. Before receiving a doctorate in Instructional Design ...

Learning Experience Designer

Amy Oelschlager is a Learning Experience Designer based out of St. Paul, MN. She taught elementary school for several years before ...

Learning Experience Designer

Celia Waite, M.Ed is a Learning Experience Designer from Glendale, AZ. Prior to working at MIND she spent over 20 years as a teacher, ...


Maximizing ST Math Series
"I love the brain research and engagement strategies embedded into the training. It gave me great ideas to take back to my classroom and start using immediately."
3rd grade teacher, Ohio


Maximizing ST Math Series
"The training was very engaging. Great job! I felt like you reaffirmed much of what I already believed about math learning for students, plus showed me some practical ways to tap into that and leverage it with students."
2nd grade teacher, Washington


Maximizing ST Math Series
"The 'train the trainer' ST Math PD was hands-on, extensive, and meaningful! They tailored it to meet our district’s needs, gave us plenty of time to work, plan and process. Such a transformational PD series!"
Jessica, Arizona


Maximizing ST Math Series
"I walked into the first training day with a negative view of ST Math. It was based on observations I had made 4-5 years ago on my campus. Boy, was I mistaken. After the first 15-20 minutes of training, after learning the REAL purpose and mission of ST Math, I realized that the makers were actually geniuses! I now understand and respect the spatial temporal process as well as the perception action cycle which it takes to learn!"
S. Fairbourn, Arizona

Let's talk about how Professional Learning can help your team!