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ST Math® is a powerful tool in the hands of educators.

Empowering Teachers
Integrating ST Math into the curriculum allows teachers to apply the latest research in neuroscience and education, increase efficacy in math instruction, and engage with a community of educators around the country. We’re committed to providing the resources to maximize students’ success with ST Math.

Get the Most Out of ST Math

Along with personalized learning paths for students, ST Math provides teachers with tools to monitor progress, facilitate learning for students who are struggling, and utilize digital manipulatives for whole class instruction. A variety of resources help empower your team so they can focus on student learning.
  • Custom integration Plan icon for ST Math Resources for Success

    Custom Integration Plan

    Build a plan for incorporating ST Math into your instructional goals.

  • Instructor-led Professional Development icon for ST Math Resources for Success

    Instructor-led Professional Development

    From on-site 'go live' support to deepening math content knowledge, choose from a catalog of in-person professional development.

  • Live Webinars icon for ST Math Resources for Success

    Live Webinars

    Interactive webinars provide support on specific topics: from getting started with ST Math, to helping struggling students, and more.

  • Self-Guided Online Courses icon for ST Math Resources for Success

    Self-Guided Online Courses

    Teachers can obtain the core training information at their own pace.

  • Student Reports icon for ST Math Resources for Success

    Student Reports

    Detailed student reports show where your students may need extra support.

  • Searchable Resource Site icon for ST Math Resources for Success

    Searchable Resource Site

    ST Math Central hosts reference information, support for specific games, printables and more.

  • Phone, Email, and Chat Technical Support icon for ST Math Resources for Success

    Phone and Email Technical Support

    Contact technical support and get your questions answered. 

  • Online Community icon for ST Math Resources for Success

    Online Community

    Learn and grow with other educators on our forums and social media communities.

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Instructor-led Professional Development

Our catalog of instructor-led trainings includes individualized on-site ST Math implementation support to maximize ST Math as well as professional development that goes beyond using ST Math effectively. Advanced course offerings will deepen your teacher’s content knowledge and give them the tools to develop a classroom culture that celebrates productive struggle and problem-solving.

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Getting Parents Involved

  • Play ST Math at Home icon for ST Math Resources for Success

    Play ST Math At Home

    Letters home that help parents support their students as they play and encourage mathematical conversations.

  • Share Student Progress icon for ST Math Resources for Success

    Share Student Progress

    Take-home guide that helps parents track student progress at home.

  • Additional Activities and Games icon for ST Math Resources for Success

    Additional Activities and Games

    Enter the K-12 Game-a-thon and print and play mathematical board games.

Explore Parent Resources
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Salt Lake City School District logo for ST Math Resources for Success testimonial
"Teachers have been able to see how math concepts can be modeled conceptually through ST Math games. There have been many occasions when I am collaborating with teachers about a math concept and we bring up specific ST Math games that show the math conceptually. We discuss how we can use them as a resource for both whole group and individual student instruction."
Bruce Simpson, Math Curriculum Coach
Salt Lake City School District, UT
Newport School District logo for ST Math Resources for Success testimonial
"Our lead educator really embraced the center-based classroom format. She used the data from ST Math to understand where students were struggling and provide individualized and personalized group instruction."
Mike Smith, Principal, Newport Elementary
Newport School District, PA
Cesar E. Chavez Multicultural Academic Center logo for ST Math Resources for Success testimonial
"ST Math lets students make decisions and set their own goals. Teachers can then look at the data and provide students with the tools they need to progress further."
Barton Dassinger, Principal, Cesar E. Chavez Multicultural Academic Center
Chicago Public Schools, IL
Marlboro Township Public Schools logo for ST Math Resources for Success testimonial
"Our students enjoy ST Math and are able to make connections between their independent work and their teachers' lessons, enabling them to reach their academic potential."
Michael Ballone, Director of Curriculum & Instruction
Marlboro Township Public Schools, NJ

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