Only ST Math can Provide Equitable Impact for ALL Student Subgroups

Our revolutionary visual approach to teaching math is proven to help all students in grades PreK–8 master foundational math concepts and close equity gaps. Our unique approach is based on gold-star neuroscience research and numerous efficacy studies across the country, with results that show the impact equity of our unconventional approach for all students' subgroups.

Equitable Access and Growth for ALL Learners


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More Progress on ST Math Equals More Improvement


Students who completed 75-100% of their ST Math journey are more likely to meet or exceed the standards compared to students who do not play ST Math or complete their ST Math journey. Provides value-ad for all students on all math standards.

ST Math Impact Grows with Increased Dose


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Increasing Usage Improves Results

The more students use ST Math, the more they learn, and the faster they grow. Schools that demonstrated consistent use of ST Math outgrew similar schools in statewide rank by 14 percentage points. 

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Use ST Math for 60 minutes a week to start seeing growth

Students Love ST Math 


Engagement means more usage and robust results. Excite every student about their journey to math proficiency and accomplishment with ST Math. 





Why it works. 

ST Math teaches math as the brain learns: visually teaching foundational concepts, then connecting to symbols, then language. This unique approach makes learning math accessible to every learner. 

How It Works




Evaluate the research. 

Based on neuroscience and validated through multiple third-party research studies, ST Math has consistently delivered ten years of significant achievements based on its instructional design, scaffolding, and immediate formative feedback. 

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